Friday, October 12, 2012

Autumn does strange things to me... it makes me want to blog. And decorate the house inside and out... which I'm usually not that into. What is that about? I'm rolling with it and sharing some photos. 

Pinterest-inspired burlap covered wreath. Made last year.
Scarecrow amputee.
My grandpa made these for me while I was in college. They're my favorite.
Can't get enough mums. I've never bought them before because it felt like throwing money away, but Dad swears they'll come back every year if I keep them watered. Hmm.

Wheelbarrow (sans wheel) of mums at our driveway. Need to add some hay and... water for the mums.
So, as it turns out, Blogger is as big a pain in the ass as I remember. Thus concludes this post. Until next year, kids.

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  1. YAY! you blogged! :D I love all your decorations. Mums this time of year are always my favorite!