Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Project Life | Video Tour

Oh man... never realized how much I said 'um' until I watched this video. Yikes! I actually should've said that at the end... now that's all you'll be able to hear. :) We will blame the early morning and the fact that I was trying to beat the clock AND my memory card.

A few general notes about the experience so far:
  • To begin with, I only purchased the Project Life page protectors (Designs A and B) and journaling cards. I thought I would want to make my own kit, but after those pieces sat untouched for a few weeks, I caved for the ease of the complete kit. So glad I did.
  • Of the extras, so far I have used one of the Design B protectors and a handful of the cards.
  • I never approached this with a 'photo a day' goal in mind. Rules have never been much of a motivator for me! That being said, I can count on one hand the days that I haven't taken any pictures in the past several months. The harder part is narrowing them down.
  • Of the photos in the album, I'd say they're equal parts SLR, point and shoot, and camera phone. I obviously prefer the SLR images, but sometimes I'm just too lazy to get it out.
  • I use the kit's days of the week stickers, date stamp, and journaling cards constantly, but not so much the arrow stickers and filler cards.
  • Project Life has been awesome for getting me into a regular photo routine. With the exception of one or two weeks, I've spent Sunday afternoons dumping and editing all of my photos from the week, then uploading the PL ones for printing at the local Walgreens. Their quality isn't perfect but it's close to home.
  • In a perfect week, I'll have my print order picked up by 5 or 6:00 Sunday evening. After dinner, I can spend the last little bits of weekend vegging, corner rounding, writing, etc.
  • I LOVE having a place to put all the random crap I collect. Brochures, mail, ticket stubs, etc. I've been either incorporating this stuff into the design or tucking it behind the pictures.
  • I add some sort of digital effect to one or two photos a week, mainly month frames, story title brushes, and hand drawn words by Ali Edwards. Also love the Pioneer Woman Actions for PhotoShop Elements. I've created several photo collages using a stitch element by Anna Aspnes. I think it came from a freebie pack, so I don't have the link.
  • Also a big fan of Century Gothic. :)
  • To the basic kit, I've only added the Tim Holtz Tiny Attacher, We R Memory Keepers Corner Chomper, some scissors, black and red Staz On ink, and a hole punch. Use them all the time.
  • Keeping a pack of journaling cards in my purse works really well for me. I typically do one at lunch time for the previous day. I've gotten behind a few times and rely on technology to help me out. The voice recorder on my phone to record some notes, the Evernote app, Twitter, and Facebook status updates have all filled in the blanks a time or two.
  • Constantly looking at my album and my 'big white box' have also helped keep this train rollin'. I will confess that my box/kit has remained on my couch for months. Partly to keep the dogs off of it during the day, but also so I'm always thinking about it.
Last, and certainly not least, please help out Joplin, MO if you can. Joplin is halfway between our house in Oklahoma and where our families live in Missouri, so we're stopping through there at least once a month for gas, food, or shopping trips to Academy or Walmart. Now almost all of that is gone. So crazy. I still can't really believe it. The quickest, easiest way to help is by texting "convoy" to 50555 (donates $10 to the local Convoy of Hope) or texting "red cross" to 90999 (donates $10 to the Red Cross). For more information, please check out this resource from the local NBC affiliate.

Have a great weekend and happy summer!


  1. Love the video. So nice to hear your voice :)
    You seem to pretty much do what I do in your process. Aren't those folding cards great? I use those quite a bit myself. I also have a few of the Ali Edwards digi elements too. I haven't used them too much, but now that I see them used in your album, you've inspired me to get those out :)
    Also, I'm so sorry to hear about Joplin. Man, that is so crazy. I too have lots of relatives in that general area of the country. Lots more severe weather is expected tonight, I hear. Many prayers to all in that area for sure!

  2. Love your album! Has such energy to it! Got several ideas from what you are doing and I appreciate that. Amazed at your journal - definitely going to put those cards in my purse from now on-I've really struggled with that.
    Look forward to your next videol